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In the past, when you worked with an agent to find a home,  the agent was most likely employed by the seller. That meant that while you and the agent may have worked closely together, he or she had a fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interest of the seller. Now you can put the agent squarely and exclusively in your corner.


I can offer you the opportunity to have your own Buyer’s Agent.  The concept is relatively new, extremely popular and could save you thousands of dollars.  There is no fee when you hire a Buyer’s Agent.   The fee is paid by the seller!


 If you wish,  I would be pleased to serve in that capacity for you.  It would mean that we would enter into an agreement in which I would be responsible only to you – not the seller.  Under this relationship,  I can and will be able to do all of the things listed below under Buyer Agent.  If you chose not to enter in to this relationship,  legally I have to represent the seller.




  • Arrange property showings
  • Assist with financing questions
  • Provide property data
  • Explain forms and agreements
  • Monitor Closing 
  • Prepare a property value evaluation



Additional services as your Buyer’s Agent


  • Provide access to the entire market                                   
  • Promote and protect the buyer’s best interest   


  • Advise the buyer


  • Negotiate the best price and terms for you  


  • Point out reasons not to buy                                                 
  • Assist in the offer with the buyer’s best interest in mind   


  • Keep the buyer’s bargaining position confidential    


  • Research property for liens and original purchase price


  • Provide anonymity, if desirable                                          

·    Put the buyer’s interest first during the entire buying process



This comparison clearly demonstrates the value of hiring a dedicated Buyer's Agent whom represents the buyer versus using a Seller's Agent whom represents the seller's best interests. 



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